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HCA Diversity funding call with CZI in Australiasia
This webinar has been jointly organised with the Human Cell Atlas and Oz Single Cells, as an information session for the open call for funding for representation of diverse populations in the HCA.

The panel will include members of the HCA Equity committee, Australian Indigenous Research leaders, Oz single cell technology enablers and representatives from the funders. Persons interested in applying to the call are encouraged to join the webinar. There will be a moderated Question and Answer session.

You can learn more about the call from the HCA website https://www.humancellatlas.org/news/chan-zuckerberg-initiative-to-fund-new-ancestry-networks-for-the-human-cell-atlas/

Diseases manifest differently in different people, and ancestry is one factor that impacts disease severity, outcome, and treatment. The CZI Ancestry Networks RFA will help towards creating a Human Cell Atlas that is representative of the entire global human population, to improve our understanding of human health and disease across the world.

All tissue samples should be healthy, single-cell reference data from historically understudied communities. This RFA will support collaborative networks of researchers for three-year projects. Teams should include at least one computational biologist or data scientist and one expert in single-cell biology. Community-engaged researchers should also be involved.

Learn more and apply at https://apply.chanzuckerberg.com/
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